Movavi-Screen Capture studio 5 – review

With Movavi Screen Capture Studio 5 ( MSCS5 ) you can capture screen video of any kind: desktop, the Web, and more. Movavi’s all-purpose recoding program with support for Windows 8 is perfectly adapted to special recording and editing needs.
You can use Screen Capture Studio to record whatever you want and set it up for later viewing. The optimization for Intel Core processors with Intel HD Graphics support enables you to reduce CPU usage and get smoother screencasts of online video as a result. MSCS5 capture screen app uses every ounce of the PC’s processing power to capture the gameplay with no system hangs or delays.
With Movavi Screen Capture Studio you can turn your recorded video into a first-class user guide with the help of huge range of video editing tools. You may need desktop screencasts for many reasons: to create a software bug report, a demo, a video tutorial for your clients, friends, or parents who aren’t that good at dealing with computers. You can edit screencasts on a multi-track timeline, enhance the quality using different filters and apply special effects for an even better impression.
MSCS5 anables high quality and flexible recording options. With a frame rate of up to 60, smooth, professional video output is within your reach. You can use Movavi capturing toolkit as a webcam video recorder or video call recorder. You can take screenshots with a single click – whether full screen, window, orscreen area.
This review is not my first, which was publised in our non-profit web-portal. You can still find the review of the earlier (4) version HERE. The text contains the direct link to the 80 slides All-in-One Slideshow review - http://www.akamonitor.cz/product-reviews/MSCS4/.
To see the full version of the new review of the MSCS5 - click HERE.